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 What is the Advanced Maker Diploma?


The Advanced Maker Diploma is a training program designed to allow the makers to develop their hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools and rapid-prototyping techniques that can be utilized within a Fab Lab.

Participants will be planning and executing diverse high-fidelity projects, resulting in a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments.


We are adapting the horizontal learning approach by tackling different tracks, instead of going deep into one topic, including:

  • Digital Fabrication and CNC Machines 

  • Design for Digital Fabrication

  • Embedded Programming

  • High-level Programming

  • Electronics Development and PCB Production

  • Project Management and Documentation

  • Spiral Development 


Laser Cutting   3D Printing   PCB Milling   Fusion360   Arduino   Electronics  Python  Documentation   DesignThinking    ProjectManagement   

​Program Prerequisites


The applicant should have:

  • Participated in the development of a full technical project 

  • Experience with technical documentation  

  • Mastered one or more of the following skills: Computer-Aided Design, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Arduino, Electronics, or Python Programming


​Program Requirements


The applicant should: 

  • Be 20 years old at least 

  • Be able to cope up with the self-learning practices 

  • Be able to commit about 20 hours every week for the program

  • Be able to regularly access the Fab Lab Egypt

  • Have access to a laptop and a good internet connection 

  • Have basic computer and internet skills such as installing programs, copying files, and making docs with Google Drive 

  • Understand both Arabic and English: The program will be delivered in Arabic, but any written materials will be in English. You need to have intermediate reading and writing skills in English, and strong listening and speaking skills in Arabic. ​

Weekly Schedule 


Participants will commit to 3 day of work every week: 

  • 2 offline sessions (from 5  to 9 PM) on Sunday and Wednesday

  • 1 Offline session dedicated for independent lab work on a day of the student’s choosing


Adcancd Maker Diploma Logo


​12 Weeks

      AGE GROUP:

+20 Years Old


Advanced Level


Arabic + English



1: Application Form

Apply for the program by filling out the online form.


Check the Home page to find the open application forms for the upcoming rounds



2: Interview

After your submission, we will review your materials.

If you pass, you'll receive an invitation for an online interview to make sure you fulfill the program requirements.



3: Confirmation

If you passed the interview, you have to confirm your seat by paying the refundable commitment fees.

(Not less than 750 EGP)

refunded if you graduate.


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